Hemlocke Springs – Sever the Blight



Hemlocke Springs

Hemlocke Springs – Sever the Blight

Whatever you expect, this song is not it. First, there is the title that never appears in the lyrics, and then there are plenties of 80s synth-pop references, refreshed with an EDM-style production. Still, “Sever the Blight” sounds familiar and, simultaneously, unlike everything else you have heard in a long time. South-Carolina-born artist Isimeme Udu aka Naomi aka Hemlocke Springs says: “I’m not really sure what am I even talking about with this?” But surely she is playing coy here: she knows exactly what she is doing, and “Sever the Blight,” might become your favorite song of the year.

Listen to “Sever the Blight,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or watch the video, directed by Ana Peralta Chong below:

(Photo: Ana Peralta Chong)

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