Spielmann – The Seventh Time



Spielmann – The Seventh Time

Spielmann is the moniker of Leeds-based singer, songwriter, and producer Ben Lewis. After many years of being involved in acts like Ruthie, as well as Menace Beach & Bruising, Ben is now focusing on his solo project. Spielmann’s new single “The Seventh Time” is beautifully catchy from the start and keeps you enveloped in a bed of warm and sparkly synths and rooted thanks to Ben’s earthy vocals. “The Seventh Time” might very well become our new favorite sing-along anthem! We asked Ben for a little more background about the song, and he says:

“’The Seventh’ Time is a conversation between two friends, one putting all their time and effort into ‘discovering’ who they are, and the other trying to stage some sort of intervention. It finishes up with a message of just kind of, being yourself, and being comfortable with who you are, which is a nice thing…Whether the intervention is a successful one or not remains to be seen…”

Listen to “The Seventh Time,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Catch Spielmann live here:

MAY 6 | Are You Listening?, Reading

MAY 12/13 | The Great Escape, Brighton

MAY 14 | In Colour, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

MAY 20 | Get Together, Sheffield

MAY 27 | Dot To Dot, Bristol

MAY 28 | Dot To Dot, Nottingham

JUN 10 | Long Division, Wakefield

JUL 22 | Bluedot, Macclesfield

JUL 28 | Deer Shed, Thirsk

AUG 17 – 20 | Green Man, Brecon Beacons

AUG 27 | Future Now, Birkenhead

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