Delilah Holiday – Everything I Ever Wanted [Video]



Delilah Holiday

Delilah Holiday – Everything I Ever Wanted [Video]

“Even if the world was ending? Would you still run away with me?” asks London singer/songwriter Delilah Holliday. The atmospheric track reflects a moment of quietness, like in a movie when the action pauses for a few moments to allow the heroine to confess her love. But then, the chaos breaks out again, and survival becomes the first thought.

Delilah says:

“it’s basically about the anxiety of the world burning, but it’s still like a love song. It’s about asking your love “Would you still run away with me?” It was one of those songs that just wrote itself, I was staying in the Swedish countryside, there was no one around and I enjoyed being isolated, it allowed me to conjure up the concept of what it would feel like to be at the end of the world hiding in a bunker with the person you love the most”.

“Everything I Ever Wanted” from Delilah’s upcoming EP Invaluable Vol. 1, out on July 7 via One Little Independent. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or watch the video directed by Carter O’Sullivan below:

(Photo: Amy Peskett)

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