Viji – Anything



Viji – Anything

British indie-pop artist Viji seems to be ready to explore life in all its facets, not shying away from the unconventional or avant-garde. For her new song “Anything,” she takes inspiration from ‘Nyotaimori,’ the Japanese art of eating off a naked body. Asked about “Anything,” Viji says,

“This song is another collaboration with producer Dan Carey. “Anything” is about being someone’s fantasy. Playfully indulging in the gaze put on you. For me this represents my first love interest after a breakup, where I can indulge in how I want to be seen. The tension is being held with an uninterrupted strum of two guitars swaying through different melodies in 6/8.”

Listen to “Anything,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Nicole Ngai


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