Astrid Cordes – Stop Dreaming



Astrid Cordes – Stop Dreaming

Danish singer-songwriter Astrid Cordes released the shimmering and oh-so-catchy “Stop Dreaming,” the lead single of her upcoming album Hurry Up and Kiss Me While the Baby’s Still Asleep. The title of the album provides a hint of where the artist is heading when facing a new reality. Astrid says:

“It seems like yesterday, I pulled my beloved idol posters and the luminescent stars off the walls of my teenage bedroom and moved out of my dad’s house. But here I am; happily stuck in a new role and part of life. I found myself reflecting on the success and lives of others, inevitably feeling insecure and losing faith in who I am as an artist and what I can achieve as a human being.”

While this might sound like defeat or hopelessness, there’s a new challenge now, potentially more fulfilling and definitely worth pursuing. And why not strive for it all? Astrid reveals further:

“‘Stop Dreaming’ is a mental and artistic state of emergency. It’s also kind of a paradox ’cause I’ve never been more creative than I am right now. Inspired by the frustrating emotions I was going through, I sat down by the piano and wrote the song in less than 30 minutes. ‘Stop Dreaming’ is a bittersweet salute to anyone who has felt like giving up on their dreams and goals in life.”

Listen to “Stop Dreaming,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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