Jo Bartlett – Floating Through [Video]



Jo Bartlett

Jo Bartlett – Floating Through [Video]

UK artist Jo Bartlett has been involved with music in many ways for decades – for example, she co-founded the Green Man festival in Wales, which grew to a multi-disciplinary for thousands over the last 20 years. Her new song “Floating Through” describes insomnia with an array of different sounds that chase each other like the thoughts in a sleepless night.

Jo explains:

“My insomnia is something I wear like a badge of honour now. It started when Danny and I were starting the Green Man Festival – in those days it was along the lines of, sitting bolt upright at 4am going ‘Have we got enough toilets?!’. These days, it just comes along and pays me a visit seemingly for no apparent reason every now and again. Like an old friend who gets on your nerves a bit but you know them well and take an odd solace in their company… The lyrics for “Floating Through” were inspired when I asked someone I work with if they noticed I hadn’t been sleeping. She replied ‘Some days it did look like you weren’t all there.'”

“Floating Through” is the first song of Jo Bartlett’s upcoming solo album, planned for early next year. Watch the video filmed by John Peddie here:

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