VIDEO PICKS: Kedr Livansky, Kingfisher, Nothing But Thieves, Ralph



VIDEO PICKS: Kedr Livansky, Kingfisher, Nothing But Thieves, Ralph

Kedr Livansky – With Love K…

A man finds a Walkman and dances through a nondescript landscape. A woman follows him on a motor scooter. Where is this going? The mysterious music of Russian musician Kedr Livanskiy does not give many clues, so watch on for a happy ending.

Watch the video now:

Kingfisher is a Sweden-based indie-rock band with members from all over the world. The video shows a band practice derailed by a series of misunderstandings. Also, it offers some atmospheric footage of the Swedish capital.

The band gives a rundown:

The video was shot in photogenic Stockholm on a Saturday night. To shoot it we had to ask The Churchill’s Arms permission, they said yes. The protagonist, Nich, smoked a cigarette for the first time since he quit 4 years ago for the video and regrets it. Anton and Nich had to film in a thin jumper in -5 degrees Celsius – they froze their sorry asses solid. Julian channeled 4 years of bitterness about Nich skipping band practices in one powerful, final look. Cut-to-black.

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Nothing But Thieves – Overcome

The two singles that indie-rockers Nothing But Thieves released so far this year only grow the anticipation for their fourth album Dead Club City, out on July 7th. After the fantastic banger “Welcome To The DCC” (#glamglarepick,) they’re now a bit softer on “Overcome” but still featuring Conor Mason’s phenomenal vocals and a superb guitar solo by Joe Langridge-Brown. The whole thing is absolutely uplifting and magical and captures the mood of the album beautifully by echoing feelings of escapism, hope, and new beginnings.

Turns out, the band had to overcome real obstacles while filming the video, as frontman Connor says:

“We recorded this video over 2 separate shoots because the RV broke down. It was real stress.”

Watch the video now:

Ralph – Pain Relief

“Pain Relief” is Ralph‘s love letter to herself, allowing herself to feel all the feelings, actually, and offering comfort and new ways to deal with feelings of jealousy and toxic comparison. The track is beautifully tender and very different from the Canadian pop artist’s most recent single (and video!), “Scary Hot.”

Ralph directed and edited the accompanying music video for “Pain Relief” herself, with an entirely female cast and crew. She says about the lush and simply super gorgeous video:

“I wrote ‘Pain Relief’ in LA with my friend Rutger, I told him I wanted to write a break up song…about breaking up with myself. I went through a couple dark months where I was really consumed with self-pity and jealousy towards other women in music – I was so mad at anyone experiencing success and it felt better to be bitter than to be sad. Pretty soon I realized that being bitter was making me feel terrible, and after some very honest convos with pals in music, I realized a lot of artists were experiencing the same emotions. I wanted to reflect all this in the music video, so it was really important to me that I write, direct and edit it. I worked with an entirely female cast and crew and at the end of the day, we all went naked swimming in the ocean – it was magical and connective and exactly what I want viewers to experience when they watch the video.”

Watch the video now:

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