Bunny X feat. Thought Beings – Love Minus 80



Bunny X feat. Thought Beings – Love Minus 80

New York’s Italo disco duo Bunny X treated me to an early listening of their sophomore album Love Minus 80 (review here), and I knew very quickly that I’d want to feature the title track, which didn’t get released as a single beforehand. Leading up to their album, Abigail Gordon and Mary Hanley, who are Bunny X, released the singles “The Forever War,” Breaking Away (Song for Chevette & Rydell),” and “Daydreaming,” all delighting with their signature 80s vibe.

The title track offers an irresistible disco beat and sparkling synths, over which beautifully warm and bright vocals sing about love and longing. The track builds and intensifies until male vocals set in, and I am inclined to call the featured Thought Beings a 90s Dave Gahan, which adds to the allure in my book! Turns out, behind Thought Beings is Bunny X’s Aztec Records label mate Orion, who collaborated with the duo on that fascinating track.

If the title “Love Minus 80” rings a bell for you, then you are right: it is the title of a dystopian science fiction novel by Hugo Award-winning author Will McIntosh. To learn more about the novel and the song’s story, and to follow Bunny X’s lyrics, simply go here.

Start with “Love Minus 80,” our Song Pick of the Day, and then listen to the entire album:

Connect with Bunny X and add “Love Minus 80 (feat. Thought Beings” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

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