Bunny X – Love Minus 80 [Album]



Bunny X – Love Minus 80 [Album]

The sophomore album of New York’s Bunny X sees the duo perfecting their mesmerizing blend of Italo disco and 80s synth-pop. Released today, Love Minus 80 offers the pop-sensibilities and harmonies from ABBA’s Anni-Frid and Agneta and the softer yet darker side of electro-pop legends Depeche Mode. It’s an irresistible vibe, and one can only applaud Abigail Gordon and Mary Hanley for disregarding all that’s hip and trendy but going their own way and creating beautiful music that’s highly enjoyable and fitting for any time of day.

The already-released singles “The Forever War,” “Breaking Away (Song for Chevette & Rydell),” and “Daydreaming,” build the core of the album. For me, the title track is the stand-out song; hence I made it our #glamglarepick. Maybe it has to do with the sensual interplay of female and male vocals, evoking that DM-feel some more.

I asked Abigail whether she would tell glamglare a bit more about the inspiration for the album and how it all came together, and she explains:

“We wanted to go in a darker direction for this release after the sweet nostalgic themes that informed our first album Young & In Love (Oct 2021). On Love Minus 80, we explored some sci-fi territory and also themes of unrequited love, loss, and longing. These, of course, are all universal feelings we’ve all had and I think even when you’re happy, and in a good partnership, and/or a good place in your life, we can’t help but think about the roads not taken and the paths not explored.”

A lot of thought and work went into the album with that really cool title! Abigail adds further:

“I think it’s just part of the human condition to wonder or daydream, as it were, about other places, lives, and people and how you may (or may not) have been happy and fulfilled living those other lives. I think a lot of sci-fi readers are also kind of obsessed with parallel universes and alternate timelines, and several tracks on Love Minus 80 such as Daydreaming explore these themes.”

On Love Minus 80, Bunny X has again collaborated with synthwave genre heavyweights SelloRekt / LA Dreams on two tracks – “Chiba City Blues” and “Breaking Away (Song for Chevette & Rydell) – and with Don Dellpiero on “Love is an Empire.” They also joined forces with fellow labelmates Thought Beings on the title track. And after the successful collaboration on their debut album Young & In Love, Bunny X has reunited with producer Gosteffects for Love Minus 80.

Listen to Love Minus 80 on your favorite platform here and connect with Bunny X here. Enjoy!

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