Holly Blair – Friday, The 13th



Holly Blair

Holly Blair – Friday, The 13th

The L.A. artist Holly Blair composed and recorded most of this track together with a fellow musician friend in a single session, initially just for fun. But the infectious indie-rock track built around a guitar loop turned out to be too good to let it sit on a disk.

Holly gives us some background:

“Right before writing it me and Charlotte were talking about our respective avoidant tendencies and how that can make love hard. Like we both sort of felt at times we were letting people down by not being what they wanted us to be all the time. Whether it be our families or partners, this idea of being a “good girl” and how that just doesn’t feel authentic to us. So the chorus saying “you got me feeling all kinds of bad” is really about the guilt felt when you feel like you’re letting the people around you down by simply being yourself.”

Listen to “Friday, The 13th,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below:

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