Good Fortune – Stick Around [Video]



Good Fortune – Stick Around [Video]

We came across chillwave and psychedelic-pop artist Good Fortune early last year when she took our hearts by storm with her charming animated video and beautifully mellow yet catchy song: “Feelin It.” In the meantime, the Toronto and Kingston, Ontario-based singer/songwriter released a few more singles and equally charming videos, and today, she put out “Stick Around,” with yet another super lovely video that premieres later tonight.

“Stick Around” delights with its warm nostalgia of simpler times, and I think New York’s TWA hotel (see our glamglare newsletter) would want to add the track to its playlist of 60s songs. It would fit perfectly in with Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me,” Dusty Springfield’s “The Look Of Love,” and all the other beautiful classics, even though it’s brand new and, as such, not eligible.

So, truly taken with “Stick Around,” I asked Kelsey McNulty, aka Good Fortune, whether she would provide us with a bit of context, and she said:

“It is a song about recognizing someone’s anxiety in a social situation and putting your arm around them (truly or metaphorically) while they are feeling like an outsider and welcoming them in and asking them to stay.”

Listen to “Stick Around,” our Song Pick of the Day, and maybe make it to the video’s premiere party tonight at 7 pm CST. The video is directed by Josh Lyon, and the art direction and stop-motion animation Kelsey created herself.

Connect with Good Fortune and add “Stick Around” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

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