Tonguetied – Losing My Mind




Tonguetied – Losing My Mind

“Am I losing my mind?” is a question that is probably familiar to many of us, particularly during the last few years. The singer, songwriter, and producer Elena Garcia aka Tonguetied captured her emotion in a dark synth-pop track, which had a healing effect on her. She recalls:

“2021 was a tough year for me, a year of survival, a year of confusion, my brain felt like it was my own worst enemy. Whilst part of me craved being removed from it all, this feeling of detachment equally made me feel like I was starting to lose grip on my sanity.

She adds:

Looking back now it may have been one of the first times I had truly been honest with myself. I hit record and it all just blurted out. It was important for me to keep those original vocal takes, as I knew the emotion in that evening was not something that could truly be captured again.
In the moment, sadness may have been the driving factor, but reflecting on the writing process now, many other emotions are interlaced into Losing My Mind – relief, anger and perhaps most surprisingly, planted by my honesty that night, a small but very mighty feeling of hope.”

“Losing My Mind” is Elena’s intriguing debut single. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below:

(Photo: Zak Watson)

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