Kuni – Piece of Land




Kuni – Piece of Land

“Piece of Land” is a quiet, comforting song by Italian singer/songwriter Eleonora Danese, aka Kuni. With kind words, she assures herself – and you – that you can find your place anywhere.

She explains:

“It is a loving reminder that somewhere someone (maybe it is ourselves) is working very hard to make us feel in the right place, even if it is outside of our comfort zone. And there should be no rush in finding this spot, but to help the process we might want to lose those prejudices and rigid structures we are so fond of. At least, this is what I try to keep in mind every day. I wrote the lyrics of this song all together, in one shot, and then I sat at the piano and sang them. The recorded version of the song is exactly the first attempt I made to sing it, because I wanted to keep it that way.”

“Piece of Land” is on Kuni’s debut EP Walls Have Told Me, out now on Factory Flaws. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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