Laura Misch – Portals [Video]



Laura Misch – Portals [Video]

London-based multidisciplinary artist and producer Laura Misch enchants with the delightful and immersive “Portals,” the first single from her long-awaited debut album Sample The Sky. The record will be released via One Little Independent Records on October 13, 2023, and is an ode to care, connection, and listening to the natural world. While there’s a big dose of sadness surrounding the inspiration for “Portals,” there’s also something very wholesome and unique about the experience. Something to always carry with you, make peace with the loss, and find new meaning and, ultimately, hope and joy. Asked about the song, Laura says:

“During lockdown I was living with my family and grandparents. My granddad, who was 94, got really ill and passed away at home in his bed, surrounded by my mum, gran and me. We were all looking after him, and it was a period of time where the world was in chaos and the care felt intensified, but also it was a real honour to be able to be there and give that much attention to this process. It was a very organic death. The moment he left his body it was like he went from being there to being everywhere. That’s what this song is about, on some level it’s about a portal into the unknown. He was such a green-fingered person and believed so much in returning to the earth, and the interconnectedness of everything, and that we’re made up of elements that will one day become everything else.”

Laura further explains that the music video:

“is about sensing the natural world, feeling connected to the elements from the sky to the snails, and dancing with it, knowing that I’ll eventually return to the earth. It was made with care and woven together by many friends’ creations, from Tobby Wu’s five-meter floral hair braid to Chantel Foo’s insect inspired dance choreo.”

Listen to “Portals,” our Song Pick of the Day, and enjoy the atmospheric video directed by Candice Lo:

Connect with Laura Misch and add “Portals” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

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