mlbacard¡ – REAL




mlbacard¡ – REAL

As she explains below, singer/songwriter mlbacard¡ refers to a dream in the song “REAL.” This is beautifully reflected in the way the song builds, from the confused, sleepy beginning over to the moment when her thoughts become clearer, and she realizes that the moment is lost forever.

mlbacard¡ says:

“REAL came to me in a dream… I had fallen in-love with someone in a dream and when waking up I’d tried to collect the fragmented memories of this now lost love… a feeling that is just as real, as all experiences with love. The name of the song is the irony of what I felt being considered ‘fake’ in the context of a dream. In a broader spectrum, it manages to portray the complexities of love, due to the feeling that is ever fleeting, confusing and emotional. The song represents the many experiences individuals feel within the bounds of a relationship, the tumult and beautiful emotions that oxytocin creates.”

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(Photo: Milo Citron)

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