VIDEO PICKS: Delilah Holliday, Ellur, Florence Arman, Pip Blom



VIDEO PICKS: Delilah Holliday, Ellur, Florence Arman, Pip Blom

Delilah Holliday

“Silent Streets” goes back to the recent days when nobody left their homes. The London artist Delilah Holliday created a post-apocalyptic club banger, and the video seems to be straight from an art house genre movie. Delilah recalls:

“For the Silent Streets music video, me and Swarmm wanted to create an apocalyptic metaverse inspired by London, reimagined if the pandemic lasted for 20 years and how that would effect the natural phenomena around us. Which the song also touches on. We achieved this by 3D Scanning my body and inserting into the environment Swarmm created. The whole aesthetic of the video is inspired by the dawn of artificial intelligence.”

Watch the video now:

Ellur – Anywhere

In her latest music video, Ellur beautifully captures the spirit of her new single “Anywhere.”  And ‘anywhere’ can be at times, exhausting but also worth pursuing or simply letting be. Discussing the origins of her video, Ellur explains:

“Inspired by Forrest Gump and Beyoncè’s strict vocal training regime (running and singing on a treadmill), I decided that running around my hometown and singing was the perfect way to capture the meaning of ‘Anywhere’. I once read a quote by author Kamand Koujouri ‘I will look for you in every lifetime and love you there’ and that really inspired the narrative of the video. All the different ‘lifetimes’ are represented in each different shot.”

We loved “Anywhere” already right when it came out and featured it as our Song Pick of the Day. Now, there’s a video to enjoy too:

Florence Arman – Good Girls

British powerhouse Florence Arman not only makes cool music but really fun music videos too. Her newest single, “Good Girls,” and video don’t immediately lay bare the heartbreak Florence had to go through recently. She explains:

“I went through a really difficult breakup last year and went to live with my brother Sebastian, who is an incredible songwriter and producer (and chef!). It was an incredibly healing time, and between watching films and eating prawns, we also wrote ‘Good Girls.'”
Watch the video now:

Pip Blom – Is This Love

Dutch band Pip Bloom and Alex Kapronos are hanging at a carnival and musing “Is This Love?” The swirling cinematography is fun, the synth-pop is super cool, and the vocals give the track a nice edge.

Watch the video now:


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