Slye – In and Out



Slye – In and Out

Following the gloriously vibrant “Here and Now,” soulful indie-rock artist Slye just released the moodier yet not less enthralling “In and Out.” Turns out that the Liverpool-based singer, guitarist, and producer sees both songs as two sides of a medal. I can picture myself having turned the single from A to B and over again on repeat, back in the days when we only had vinyl! Slye kindly replied to my request about wanting to know a bit more and says about the intended duality:

“‘In and Out’ is the B side of the single ‘Here And Now’ and is about the more subtle side of being present. In contrast to the bombastic and swirling landscape of ‘Here And Now’ I wanted to write something more intimate and specific. Inspired by my time travelling Europe and the people I met I wanted to capture the feeling where I truly felt ‘I am in this moment’.”

“In and Out” very well makes for the perfect anthem to put mindfulness to the forefront and not only experiencing but also appreciating the moment and what’s happening. In addition to his signature soulful, jazz-tinged r&b guitar style, Slye also brings out a wistful saxophone to great effect, with just some touches and beautiful sprinkles, without overpowering the track. The flow of “In and Out” is simply sensational, and Sly explains further:

“Those gentle reminders of presence; the slight squeeze of the hand, an imperceptible smile or a touch of the foot I wanted to write something that tried to communicate these very specific actions and feelings that say ‘I am here with you’.”

Listen to “In and Out,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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