Yndling – Make Me Want You




Yndling – Make Me Want You

At the New Colossus Festival in spring the Norwegian dream-pop act Yndling was a standout performance. Since then their 2022 debut album Yndling (Deluxe) is my go to record whenever I need to inject beauty into a day.

Yndling’s latest track “Make Me Want You” is a one-off release about the glorious, but scary moment when you let yourself fall into an uncertain romance. Silje Espevik, the mastermind behind Yndling, explains:

"Make Me Want You" is a track about the ambivalence of falling in love, right before you give yourself over and lose control, it's kinda about downplaying feelings so it won't hurt so much entering something you know won't last or work out. It's another track that I've made the last couple of years that I've decided not to put on my album, but I wanted to release it anyways. The production is very much inspired by Beach House, particularly the album 7, and has more of a drive than most of my other tracks.”

Listen to “Make Me Want You,” our Song pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

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