OTNES – Blu3




OTNES – Blu3

You have to hear it to believe it: in less than two and a half minutes, “Blu3” morphs from a glitchy, experimental synth-pop track into a rock anthem. The build happens so fast that you want to rewind and observe how the Nashville singer/songwriter OTNES actually did it.

OTNES gives us some background:

“With’ BLU3,’ I wanted to combine the otherworldly nature of electropop textures with the grit of a live band. In my past project Emily Blue I was a big proponent of glitch sound design, and with this song being an homage and official goodbye to that project, I wanted to incorporate what sounds like a digital world breaking down and rebuilding itself into something new. This song is about committing to my inner journey, sorting through my traumas, and finding myself in the music.”

Listen to “Blu3,” our Song Pick of the Day, below :

(Photo: Kirsten Barnett)

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