Party Nails – Someway, Somehow



Party Nails – Someway, Somehow

Having exchanged her hometown Chatham, NY, with Los Angeles, CA, Elana Carroll now makes music under the moniker Party Nails; one thing, however, hasn’t changed: her infectious artistry and her uncanny vocal and guitar chops. Party Nails’ new single “Someway, Somehow” starts out all warm and fuzzy but slowly intensifies with her vocal harmonies crashing with the guitar lines to a lush and indulgent, simply irresistible effect. Asked about her new single, Elana says:

“This song feels like something I found. Like it always existed. Like I was on a walk and found it under a rock, as if it were a fossil waiting to be found. It’s about the complete, full, forever love you feel for your partner, your parent, your child, your friend, humanity. The deep knowing that you will never, ever stop, in spite of all obstacles.”

Listen to “Someway, Somehow,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the lyric video too:

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