Strange Flesh – Very



Strange Flesh

Strange Flesh – Very

An unmarked door, a downward staircase leading to a neon-lit room, and the speakers blast music from a different world. That could be a movie scene with “Very,” the new song by Brooklyn electronic pop duo Strange Flesh on the soundtrack. The strange, chilling atmosphere is created by a variety of recorded sounds that members Varrick and Ed Zed layer over a drum machine beat.

Varrick says about the song:

“Taking aim at societal standards as to how a life ‘ought’ to be lived, ‘Very’ is the anthem of a woman on her own deliciously precarious path: the soundtrack to beloved but ill-paying employment, discount decadence, no children, and a healthy disregard for the future.”

“Very” comes in three versions plus a second track on the EP with the same name, out now. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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