Computerwife – Vacation [Video]




Computerwife – Vacation [Video]

What better way to start August than with a song called “Vacation?” NYC Indie rocker Addie Warncke aka Computerwife reminds you that to take truly off, you also need to sever the network that constantly delivers information to you. “Vacation” is a lively summer jam that feels fresh, joyful, and spontaneous, as if recorded in one take in Addie’s bedroom.

Computerwife says about the song:

“Part of the lyrics come from the book ‘How to Do Nothing’ which is about rejecting social media and fast information to be more present in life. The lyrics were formed to describe the first time I went to Coney Island. I thought the ecosystem was really beautiful and people seemed really relaxed together. I really needed that kind of environment to clear my head for a while and it was very inspiring.”

Computerwife releases her self-titled debut album this Friday, August 4. Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day, “Vacation,” below:

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