Neeley – take a number




Neeley – take a number

“take a number” is a reverse love song about the moment when being on your own is the next desirable step in on your life. But the Californian singer/songwriter Gabrielle Neeley, who records under her last name, keeps the door open: “take a number on your way our,” she sings while the song transitions from an acoustic opening to a soaring pop anthem.

Neeley explains:

“Before this benchmark, it was questionable whether I was ready to be alone, in no kind of entanglement, and be happy. To me, this song represents finding peace with who I am when no one else is around.”

While “take a number” is only Neeley’s second single, she is a prolific songwriter and collaborator in the LA music scene and runs her own publishing company.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “take a number,” below:

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