Celine Love – Candy Eyes (Orange Lemonade) [Video]



Celine Love

Celine Love – Candy Eyes (Orange Lemonade) [Video]

Here are some more lighthearted summer vibes from London. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, singer/songwriter Celine Love conjures a joyful state of mind in her new song “Candy Eyes (Orange Lemonade)” – when love and warm temperatures let your heart beat faster.

Even recording the song felt effortless, as Celine recalls:

“I had a session scheduled with Ian Barter (Paloma Faith, Izzy Bizu, Gabrielle) and didn’t quite know what to expect. After a couple of seconds hearing the demo instrumental for what ended up being ‘Candy Eyes’, I knew that this track had to be an ode to summer. I was also freshly in love, so the lyrics just spilled out of me!

I left the session thinking ‘surely I’ll have to re-record the vocals and change some lyrics’ but Ian sent over the track a couple days after and my jaw dropped at the final result. It’s the most vocally free I’ve ever felt, I didn’t overthink like I usually would, and freestyled a lot of the melody and lyrics and the catchy parts quickly stuck – and I think that freespirit feeling shines through on the track.

She also gives us some background about the song:

I wanted to be quite descriptive, detailed, honest but at the same time have fun with this track. As it represents the early months in my relationship and is somewhat of a honeymoon phase anthem. Whether you are in the wrong relationship or the right one, everyone’s had ‘Candy Eyes’ for someone before and it makes you feel invincible. That feeling alone is something to be celebrated.”

I would say Celine accomplished this mission perfectly!

Watch the video directed by Cassandra Antanasiou below:

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Candy Eyes (Orange Lemonade),” below:

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