eliora – butterflies turn into stomach bugs



eliora – butterflies turn into stomach bugs

The new single by Philadelphia-based pop artist eliora is quite enchanting despite its curve-ball-throwing title: “butterflies turn into stomach bugs.” The track impresses with its playful, upbeat vibe, although the lyrics tell another story. However, eliora beautifully manages to hold it all together thanks to her earthy, solid vocals and skillful songwriting and self-production. We reached out to eliora and asked her about the new single, and she says:

“butterflies turn into stomach bugs” is a happy-sounding sad song about a self-sabotaging crush and a childlike yearning for their attention. I wrote this song in spring of 2022, taking experiences from my own life and describing them like a teenage diary entry. I hope anyone who has a “man-who’s-not-their-man” can hear this song and feel seen.

Listen to “butterflies turn into stomach bugs,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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