Sky_A – Spider Silk



Sky_A – Spider Silk

“Spider Silk” offers suspense and drama but also vibrant beauty with an overall mesmerizing vibe. This is the new single by London-based artist Sky Ainsbury, who goes by Sky_A.  For the exquisite drum parts, Sky_A enlisted Adam Betts, yet played all other instruments himself, sang, and produced the track. Lyrically, “Spider Silk” explores the push and pull of strength and vulnerability, as Sky explains:

“Someone told me the riffs and parts I write are quite spidery – moving up and down at the same time like a thing with many legs. I leaned into that with this track, the softness of the acoustic guitar and all these fast repeating notes, spreading this gossamer. They say spider silk is stronger than steel because of its ductility – it can give and take. The song is about learning to trust and be vulnerable in love and the power that comes from that.”

Listen to “Spider Silk,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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