Liz Cass – Too Hot



Liz Cass – Too Hot

The wait is over! I’ve been on the lockout for my personal Summer 2023 hit song and I think I just found it in “Too Hot,” the new single by Liz Cass. The glorious track sizzles und delights wit Liss Cass’ effortlessly gorgeous vocals. The production is a bit reminiscent of some great 80s songs, providing a feel-good vibe. Asked about “Too Hot” Liz says:

“‘Too Hot’ is the first single from my next project. It’s inspired by those fiery and quick to burn out romances that lack any meaningful foundation. A lot of fun and excitement but never lasting. I used to seek that out, but now just the idea of it is exhausting to me!”

‘Too Hot’ has been produced by William Dinesen and mixed and mastered by DARGZ. Liz is announcing a new direction with “Too Hot” and says about the upcoming new project:

“It still explores affairs of the human heart, relationships and navigating the world, post-ADHD diagnosis, but upbeat and hopeful is where it’s at. That’s my headspace right now. It’s good to know I can still write when I’m happy, it’s not just therapy when I’m low! I’ve felt a lot freer in general working on this and less anxious about releasing it all. Make the music, love the process and then just let it go… So I’m letting go.”

Liz Cass released her debut album The Words, which we loved! Listen to “Too Hot,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Liz Cass and add “Too Hot” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

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