Nymphlord – Boardwalk Saturday Night



Nymphlord – Boardwalk Saturday Night

Nymphlord, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer, delights with “Boardwalk Saturday Night,” the last single before the release of her EP Mothers Cry And Then We Die, out tomorrow on August 25th, via Lauren Records. The modern bedroom track starts out a bit eery but is highly fascinating from the start, and morphs into a folksier version of indie guitar-rock. Asked about her new song, Nymphlord says:

“When I was a kid I used to ‘design’ t-shirts by laying some two-dimensional object (a big maple leaf, a raggedy-edged cardboard heart) over its fabric and waiting for the sun to work its magic. Eventually, the rays would strip away any dye the shirt once clung to, revealing the shadow of my chosen shape, island-like as it slowly emerged from the sea of sun-bleached cotton. This song, “Boardwalk Saturday Night”, is that: the faint outline of something that touched me once, but probably never will again. It’s a hazy impression of a sun-drenched memory that I hope can inspire little walks down memory lane for others too.”

Listen to “Boardwalk Saturday Night,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Austin Alphonse

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