TANSU – Downtown



TANSU – Downtown

“Downtown,” the new single by TANSU is the embodiment of glorious indie-pop. The mesmerizing track shimmers and swirls and one can’t help but love it from the spot. TANSU’s bright and charming vocals certainly add to the allure. With roots in Ireland and Turkey and now residing in New York, her artist name is inspired by the Turkish term for the sun’s radiant touch on ocean waters just before sunrise. I had a feeling that there would be an interesting story in “Downtown” and turns out I am right. And while I didn’t have the same experience as TANSU (of course not!), I can relate, especially the (happy) ending. TANSU explains:

“I wrote this song on the heels of The First Big Fight with, who was then, my new boyfriend. It was weird, because I was treating the fight with one-night-nonchalance; kind of a, ‘don’t worry baby, I never liked you that much anyway’ type of feeling. Because that’s how you were SUPPOSED to feel when dating in the late 2010’s. ‘Grabbing my scars/ and then deciding just to walk out’ is a very intimate line. It questions how we can be intimate with someone, touch each others’ bodies, our scars, our souls, and then pretend that we can just move on. It’s hard to justify an intimate fling with your soul. ‘DOWNTOWN’ speaks to the juxtaposition of that mind fuck,” TANSU shares. She continues, “fresh from the fight, I needed some glorifying attention from someone else. So I went to the studio to go write something. Luckily my producer was also going through a situational something, so we came up with a sexy song while both sexually frustrated. We ended up going out to Three Diamond Door in Bushwick that night after that session. The bridge is an interpretation of what happened after Three Diamond Door. We were buzzed, music made us dance, I got the attention I thought I wanted… but as soon as I stepped outside, I knew who I was calling.”

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? I certainly do, hence Congrats are in order as TANSU and the boyfriend in question just got married recently!

Listen to “Downtown,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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