Bittersweethearts – Empty




Bittersweethearts – Empty

“Empty” by LA quartet Bittersweethearts is about a final, no return breakup. But there is no bitterness in this upbeat, joyful indie rock track that does not shy away from 80s-style synths and a guitar solo.

Singer and songwriter Zoe Infante shares the song’s inspiration:

“I was in a failing relationship that was so draining, People in life can have that effect on you and it’s hard to see it until you reach a breaking point. This song is about finally realizing that person was not good for me. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.”

Guitarist Alyssa Robertson adds:

“Modern-day society holds an unrealistic view of women. A woman has to believe everything is great with a smile on her face when the guy isn’t pulling his weight. Sooner or later, something gives, and you have the realization that you can transform a situation for the better if you just get out. As hard as it may seem in that moment, the reward of being free of toxicity is so worth it.”

Listen to “Empty,” our Song Pick of the Day, below:

(Photo: Scotty Wise)

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