Lime Garden – Love Song



Lime Garden – Love Song

Only yesterday, I saw Warpaint, the female indie-rock icons, live, and here at glamglare, we’ve been following their career since the beginning. The more it is exciting to come across another all-female band like Lime Garden that, similar to the West Coast quartet, impresses with delightful vocal harmonies and intricate guitar work. Yet that’s where the comparison ends since Lime Garden’s overall vibe is more urgent, a bit angrier, bringing another all-female (plus the male drummer) band to mind, Dream Wife, who made a name for themselves with their own brand of punk and outspokenness.

I am not surprised that Chloe Howard (lead vocals, guitar), Leila Deeley (lead guitar), Tippi Morgan (bass), and Annabel Whittle (drums) are signed to So Young Records because their sound is highly intriguing and definitely solid. Something absolutely fabulous in the making! Can’t wait to hear their debut record, One More Thing, out on February 16, 2024.  Asked about their second single from that album, “Love Song,” Chloe says:

“Annabel wrote the tune in her bedroom, when she was in a musical slump and had been listening to a lot of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and LCD Soundsystem. We had been trying to write an “upbeat” song for months and finally this appeared. Lyrically the song explores jumping into joy and love even when you feel you are not worthy of it. Embracing your cringe and not caring what others think.”

Checking Lime Garden’s impressive tour schedule, I am happy to see them play Iceland Airwaves and equally sad that I’ll miss their performance. Listen to “Love Song,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Jono White


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