Tonguetied – Selfish Girl




Tonguetied – Selfish Girl

“Selfish Girl” is synth-pop at its best. Elena Garcia, aka Tonguetied, sings with silvery vocals over shimmering synth arpeggios. The effortlessly beautiful song was “born from a place of frustration” and got its basic shape within a few minutes.

Elena explains

“As I grow and find my footing in this strange and very often unfair world, I become increasingly aware of those around me who don’t seem to align on the importance of self reflection. We all make mistakes, and all have moments of taking our lives for granted, but a perpetual inability to entertain the privilege you walk through life with, starts to become inexcusable.”

She adds:

“Navigating friendships and communication in your 20s can be difficult – Selfish Girl provides me with an outlet to scream “I don’t care what you have to say” into the musical abyss, and save my more put-together and perhaps constructive conversational approach, for real life.”

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(Photo: Zak Watson)

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