Alannah Moar – Reciprocate



Alannah Moar

Alannah Moar – Reciprocate

Alannah Moar is a musician based in Glasgow. She wrote the original version of “Reciprocate” at 14 years old and updated the lyrics to a more mature story about “being in a relationship with someone that is good for you, but ultimately wanting to be with someone else that is not.” Alannah did the airy folk-pop production and the mix herself.

She explains:

“I’ve always been involved in the production, it’s nice to be involved in every stage of a song’s process. I love to work with other people. They can add something magical to a song. But you ultimately get to pick and choose where that goes or how it fits in. I find producing is a bit like a puzzle, figuring out what’s missing, how it fits, like cooking, figuring out whether something needs a bit of salt or pepper, herbs or whatever it is.”

Listen to “Reciprocate,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or listen below:

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