Cori Nora – Fake Flowers [Video]



Cori Nora – Fake Flowers [Video]

Luckily, it’s only two more days until the debut album by Cori Nora drops because the album’s latest single, “Fake Flowers,” including the previous ones, is just so incredibly gorgeous that it makes you long for more. Born in Switzerland and now residing in London, U.K., she creates her music all by herself: songwriting, performing and producing. “Fake Flowers” takes you on a dreamy, cinematic ride, one that we have come to love from French duo Air or British duo Zero 7, yet Cori Nora’s magnetic and beautifully earthy vocals make her stellar sound firmly all her own. This is pure magic!

Asked about her album Flowers and Fences (out on September 29,) Cori Nora says:

“When I started writing these songs, I underwent a deep transformation. I was sorting life out on the go. So, all I wanted was to create an honest record. One that feels true to me and reflects my view on the world. The things in it that are precious to me as well as the things that need to change.”

Listen to “Fake Flowers,” our Song Pick of the Day, and also check out the video with its fascinating, flowery caleidoscope effects:

Connect with Cori Nora and add “Fake Flowers” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and YouTube:

Photo Credit: Max Pigott


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