Lilac Haze – My Dreamworld (ft. Julianne Regan)



Lilac Haze

Lilac Haze – My Dreamworld (ft. Julianne Regan)

“My Dreamworld” is just that: an invitation to follow Katrina Swift aka Lilac Haze into her hazy, serene dreamscape. For this track, the singer/songwriter from Bath, England, teamed up with All About Eve singer Julianne Regan, who also co-wrote the song.

“My Dreamworld” is the title cut from Katrina’s upcoming album, out on October 27. She says about the record:

“I wanted to create something that would transport the listener to another world where dreams and hopes don’t feel like a million miles away or unreachable, and to know that things can get better no matter how bleak the reality may seem.”

Listen to “My Dreamworld,” our Song Pick of the Day, below:

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