Jack Kane – Sequins



Jack Kane – Sequins

The type of Brit-pop Jack Kane creates transports me right back to the mid-90s when boybands like Take That and Boyzone and then the solo careers of Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating, etc., were dominating the charts. Back in the days when we were still listening to the radio, with all that the internet has to offer today, not yet an option. This is, by all means, not a critique but delightful and very much welcomed. However, what sounds so uplifting and cheerful in “Sequins” is not as lighthearted because the gorgeous track goes deeper, as Jack explains:

“‘Sequins’ is about wanting to help someone that doesn’t think they need any help at all. It explores the early signs of addiction and how hard it can be navigating those first conversations with someone you care about.”

“Sequins” marks the first single since his May 2023 brilliant EP Shiner.  Listen to “Sequins,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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