Siri Neel – I Bet You Know



Siri Neel – I Bet You Know

What are we without our voice? Quick, think about a situation when you could hardly speak, let alone sing. It doesn’t need much. A cold will do, to show you your limitations, a rasping sound instead of your usual powers. But, luckily, this usually passes, and you can wait it out. But what if you were without your voice for over six years? When the cold was not just a cold but a vocal injury? When you were starting a very promising career in music as a songwriter and vocalist? That is the story of Danish singer/songwriter Siri Neel, who is now back in the game, and boy, what a glorious new beginning!

If Siri’s brand new single “I Bet You Know” is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat when her debut album drops. The track has a sleek vibe and Siri’s vocals are simply mesmerizing. Asked about “I Bet You Know,” Siri says.

“My new single is about daring to show your vulnerability to those closest to you and at the same time trusting that your vulnerability will be embraced. That courage is important for love. Both my husband and children have witnessed my struggle to get back into music, and it has taught our little family a lot about overcoming adversity and coming together.”

Listen to “I Bet You Know,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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