Noah Solt – After All



Noah Solt – After All

Singer/songwriter Noah Solt grew up in the landlocked Rocky Mountains, and I know firsthand what effect this can have on you. So it doesn’t surprise me to learn that while studying at Berklee College for Music in Boston and the pandemic hit, Noah changed his course. Literally. He became a professional sailor and let himself be influenced and inspired by the ocean. His upcoming debut album, Big Water, picks up on that theme. The much-lauded “Spheres” was the first single from that album and “After All” marks the second cut. “After All” starts with soft fingerpicking and playful piano chords, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for Noah’s velvety power vocals to shine. The song then swells and delights with a beautiful ebb and flow. Asked about “After All,” Noah says:

 “When the lyrics ‘Northern wind blows, cold across New England’ arrived, I felt like I had something special. After listening to this song, I hope the audience will walk away believing love is in the giving. It’s our choice whether we allow it through us, or hide it away in the fear that we’ll lose it.”

Listen to ” After All,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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