Kuoko – Take it Slow




Kuoko – Take it Slow

Today is World Mental Health Day, and one way to observe it is to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. Or, in other words, to “Take it Slow.” The Hamburg, Germany-based singer, songwriter, and producer Kuoko puts this idea into straightforward advice and wraps it into a chill, upbeat pop song that you may want to keep handy for a moment when everything seems too much.

Kuoko explains:

"As a songwriter, producer and visual artist, I am well aware of the self-exploiting tendencies of our fast-living society. With 'TAKE IT SLOW' I try to reflect on the need to take a break. We need to remind ourselves to take things slow, I wanted to portray a dreamy synth landscape, that counters the upcoming winter days with a bit of sun and warmth."

Listen our Song Pick of the Day, “Take it Slow,” below

(Photo: Julia Gaes)

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