A Beacon School – Mantra



A Beacon School – Mantra

New York’s A Beacon School released the last single from his equally titled EP Mantra, which also marks the last track of his upcoming full-length album yoyo, out on October 13. While Patrick J. Smith, aka A Beacon School, likes to explore the different facets of “dream pop,” from guitar-driven shoegaze to ethereal dreamscape pop, “Mantra” sits somewhere in between, with its pulsating beats and mesmerizing flow. Patrick explains that “Mantra” very directly expresses how he feels; he says:

“Mantra is the last song on the album, and it states plainly everything I’ve been trying to get across on the rest of the album (and probably in every song I’ve ever written). The main phrase that repeats through the song was something I just blurted out for the demo and planned to eventually change. I was embarrassed at how blunt the words are, but thankfully (ABS bass player) Chase convinced me to keep them the way they are. We agreed there’s power in stating what you feel directly, in this case: “Everything I don’t want to change is changing, Everyone I don’t want to leave is leaving, Everything I want to change is staying the same, Everyone that I want to stay is leaving.”

Listen to “Mantra,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Dave Scholten

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