Sybling – Lakehouse [Video]




Sybling – Lakehouse [Video]

The sisters Alice and Mariana Makwaia grew up in the East Village of Manhattan and have made music together since childhood. Since 2019, they have released intricately produced music under the name Sybling. Their latest single, "Lakehouse," is a haunting folk-pop song that was triggered by a visual experience.

Mariana explains:

“This song is about introspection, about shifting identities. There’s a horror story buried somewhere in the song. But it’s vague. It’s not the focal point. At summer camp, Alice spent all of her time in a dark music room, where there was only one small window that looked onto this creepy cottage in the woods. It looked haunted. Dark. Like something awful must have happened there. Surely, it had been built with good intentions. Before it became this strange, dilapidated home.

Sybling will release their second EP Strange Ways on October 27. Listen to the song or watch the video that visualizes the dark mood of “Lakehouse” in a beautiful and poetic way:

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