Linying – Take Me to Your House




Linying – Take Me to Your House

“Take Me to Your House” radiates good moods and joy. While it is technically a breakup song, the Singapore-based singer/songwriter Linying chose to let the positive outcome of her story light up the music.

Asked about the story behind the track, she says:

“There was a point in my last relationship where my ex had moved into a new house and I spent weeks being sad that he hadn’t given me a key. It felt like a perfect metaphor: standing outside and wishing so badly to be let in, when really… wrong house. This song is about relief and hope as much as it is about yearning and desperation – the anticipation of thinking that maybe this is it, this is what the bad times were worth pushing through for, this is when I finally get to put some furniture down and call this place home.”

Linying will release her new EP House Mouse on November 17 via Nettwerk. Listen to “Take Me to Your House,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

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