talker – Twentysomething [Video]




talker – Twentysomething [Video]

The older you become, the more you tend to romanticize your twenties: old enough to be master of your decisions but young enough to see a wide-open road in front of you. But if you are smack-dab in your third decade of life, things look very different, as Celeste Tauchar, aka talker, points out in her new song “Twentysomething.” But she does not want to whine; she is just looking for somebody to scream at all this insanity together.

Celeste says:

“This song is a reminder that everyone goes through the pains of growing up, and the world is an absolutely insane place to exist. We can all help each other navigate it, but we can also validate each other’s less evolved grievances and just yell at the world for 2 minutes and 27 seconds.”

Watch the video for “Twentysomething” here:

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(Photo: Sean Berger)

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