Cream With A K – No Recovery



Cream with a K

Cream With A K – No Recovery

Lee Tatlock, aka Cream With a K released her self-titled debut album in 2020. In the years since then, she has been busy with other projects but has also worked on refining her production style. The new single “No Recovery” shows the results: in less grunge, more trip-hop, and exceptionally catchy.

Lee says about the song:

“I guess, this song is about dating a “dead beat” … but not in a resentful way. It’s in an unconsciously toxic, co-dependent way – which is actually quite comedic. It’s about being needed but also secretly enjoying the power of being needed. It wasn’t just about my own experiences, it was combined with stories I’ve heard from my friends. My friends, who are very beautiful, clever and successful women; have all found themselves in similar surreal situations at one point or another. We love to sing along to the lines “You can come to my house, you can lay on my couch, watch my tv for days, eat my crumbs like a mouse.”

Lee will release a video for the song next Friday. Listen to “No Recovery,” our Song Pick of the Day, here:

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