high jump – M2K



high jump – M2K

British synth-pop duo high jump makes their debut with the lush, dreamy, and instantly catchy “M2K.” The duo is comprised of Harry Martin and Rick Holland, and with “M2K,” they are not only introducing themselves but also the sound and vibe they are going for. Asked about their project, Harry says:

“Over the last few years I was writing and sending unsolicited demos to Rick, drummer in the band Tungz, and after a while the tracks strayed into a genre that caught his ear. Starting with ‘M2K’, we decided to start putting some ideas together and finishing some of the tunes. This initially started as Rick just sending voice notes of production and arrangement ideas to work into the songs, and evolved into him making sound effects/noises next to me in the studio for me to interpret and translate. It helped that ‘M2K’ was the first song that we worked on together as it gave a solid foundation and helped shape the sound of the project.”

Who are high jump’s influences? And what is the duo going after? Harry explains:

“Thematically, the tune digs into over-nostalgia and how this can affect our appreciation of the present, where we all long for our time and freedom to remain. ‘M2K’ draws influence from guitar-driven acts who are able to combine that with sleek modern production, the likes of Blood Orange, Cocteau Twins and Jai Paul.”

Listen to “M2K,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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