Pale Moon – Spaghetti



Pale Moon – Spaghetti

Icelandic dream pop duo Pale Moon delight with the laid-back and beautifully groovy “Spaghetti,” a first taste of their upcoming 2nd album, Carpets, Cables, and Sweaty Hearts. The album’s and also the single’s title hint that here are two musicians at work who don’t want to take themselves too seriously – at least not all the time! The result is music that’s simply very lovely and a bit more unusual yet inescapably enchanting. Asked about “Spaghetti,” Nata told us:

“We recorded it in Girona, Spain with an amazing group of musicians from Iceland and Catalunya. I felt very special about the song, because this is something I worked on my own. Usually we take long night sessions with guitar and piano, putting tracks together with Árni, who can lay chords like a magician, but I took a different approach with Spaghetti. I found groves and made some Ableton tracks first. That’s how the chorus came out. I improvised some melodies and gave those ideas to the band. The cherry on the top was the baseline by Oriol Brunet, who is playing under the name Azul in Barcelona. That and the guitar solo made it for me.”

And she reveals further:

“I am quite a silly person, I think. For some reason, this became a recurring topic in my writing and ‘Spaghetti’ is no different. I wrote about my experience being in a band and going on stage. I want to enjoy these moments and forget about everything. There’s just so much stuff on the plate, so I want to explode! I miss being a child and not restricting yourself through the prism of an imaginary outlooker. It comes with age and we forget to enjoy ourselves, that’s what Spaghetti is about.”

Listen to “Spaghetti,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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