Hazlett – Slow Running



Hazlett – Slow Running

Aside from his irresistibly beautiful ambient folk-pop, I’d be very much interested to find out more about what made an Australian move to Sweden because this is where Hazlett has lived for quite a while now. Maybe the change of pace helped with the songwriting and creating this kind of gorgeous music. Hazlett’s latest single, “Slow Running,” is in the same mold as the songs on his January 2023 album Bloom Mountain. Turns out, I was attracted to Hazlett’s music over four years ago already when I had featured the brilliant “Suncats,” part of his 2019 EP

Everything goes in waves, and nothing stays ever the same, which is as much a comforting notion as it is frightening. Hazlett has his own thoughts on the topic when he says:

“When the going’s good and all is well it usually means there’s a strange little thought that wonders how long is it going to last. Maybe we’ve all grown too cynical, thinking the good times are never going to last or we’ve stumbled into a strange emotional evolution. Before anything has a chance to hurt us we’ve already prepared for the ghost. Bunkered down in our thoughts and vivid imaginations of what might come and what might not ever be.”

Listen to “Slow Running,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Find “Slow Running” on Hazlett‘s upcoming EP Goodbye to the Valley Low, out December 8 via Nettwerk. Connect with Hazlett and add “Slow Running” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and YouTube:

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