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Enny Owl

Q&A with Enny Owl

The LA singer/songwriter Enny Owl released her new album Home in Humans, last Friday, and it became an instant favorite here at glamglare. Enny Owl shines with an innovative and unique music style combined with engaging storytelling. Listen to the album here and learn more about the artist in our Q&A with Enny.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into writing and playing music.

I started writing music when I was about 9 years old because I loved storytelling and playing make believe. Disney and the Barbie movies really influenced that period of my life. I realized that I wanted to pursue music as a career when my shyness didn’t hold me back from the stage. I was no longer just singing and dancing around in the comfort of my room; I started signing up for open mics and auditioning for various talent shows.

You moved from the UK to Los Angeles. At which stage of your life did this happen, and did it influence your musical journey?

I moved to Los Angeles after graduating college in Iowa. The transition from London to college definitely influenced my musical journey especially because my campus had a gorgeous prairie. This magical place allowed me to spend more time in nature and truly discover my sound. When I got to LA in 2016, I was able to expand on that sound the more I grew into myself and played more shows.

Let’s talk about your new album that just came out. It started as a project very early into the pandemic. Please tell us about the idea and how it evolved into a full-length record. 

They started out as personalized short songs on my instagram story. I asked  my listeners for their names and how they were doing at the time and based the songs on their response. As time went on, I realized I had so many song ideas started so a friend of mine suggested putting it into an album.

Enny Owl

All songs of the album are titled with the first names of the people the song relates to. How did you select the names?

I chose each of the names based on the stories I connected with the most. Some were chosen because they resonated with a lot of people in lockdown.

One song I particularly like is our Song Pick of the Day, “Alina.” Can you share some of the real-life story behind the tale of a religiously oppressed young woman who finds liberation?

Alina sent me two prompts that inspired this song. In one she  expressed feeling sadness and the other was about her hope for finding the right girl. I started thinking about my own queerness and how much trauma I had to pull myself out of just to find joy and freedom in my identity. A lot of what I was personally taught in the church was that the love I felt for anyone who wasn’t a man was sinful. It’s been a journey, but I have found so much joy in my queer community and magic.

Your music is an intriguing and unusual fusion between global folk and pop. How did you arrive there, and what are your influences?

Thank you! I love that it’s intriguing. I have a lot of folk and Celtic influence in my music. It was inspired by what my music teacher introduced me to during my time living in Dublin. I think the fusion comes from experimentation in the studio and trying to really build a cinematic/ magical soundscape. The more I’ve allowed myself to grow from the roots of where my sound began, the more it has become a genre blend that I truly love.

What is next for Enny Owl?

I’m excited to create more music videos to expand the visual world of “Homes in Humans.” I’m looking forward to playing more shows, going on tour, and experimenting with the live arrangements of these new songs with my band.

Thank you, Enny Owl, for the deep insight! We hope your tour will bring you to the East Coast.

(Photos: Paula Crichton)

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