Bre Kennedy – Scream Over Everything



Bre Kennedy

Bre Kennedy – Scream Over Everything

“Scream Over Everything” is the beautiful title track of the new album by Bre Kennedy. The singer/songwriter from Nashville, via California, captures the feeling of drowning in chaos, where screaming feels like the only escape.

Bre says about the album:

“It’s called ‘Scream Over Everything’ because I wrote these songs about screaming over all of the noise around me, whether it’s social media, the chaos of the world, or the stories I've been telling myself…The whole record feels visceral and alive. It's about returning to myself now. Previously, my writing was very nostalgic—this album is intentionally very present.”

Scream Over Everything is out now. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day here:

(Photo: Hannah Hall)

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