Ellur – The Woman



Ellur – The Woman

Fall sees a flurry of reflective songs, dealing with resilience and overcoming difficult times. British artist Ellur reflects on her experiences and what she had to go through as a teenager and puts into the haunting and frighteningly beautiful “The Woman.” Asked about her new song, Ellur reveals:

“Despite being the result of a distressing time for me, I see ‘The Woman’ as a celebration of togetherness, womanhood and support that can get us through difficult times. It’s a song that is very close to my heart. I wrote it after processing a traumatic experience in my late teens that had made me feel frighteningly vulnerable. I then felt claustrophobic and overwhelmed by the fact I couldn’t do anything to ‘fix it’. “

Ellur adds further:

“I wrote ‘The Woman’ with no intention of showing it to anyone or releasing it. I wrote it just for me. But after slipping it into a few acoustic performances early this year, I received really inspiring feedback from people in the audience. Women were approaching me to tell me they liked the song with this knowing look and I felt an immediate connection to them. It actually felt pretty devastating that we had these experiences in common.”

The track is accompanied by a compelling video directed by Ella McNamara, aka Ellur and Andy Little,  and filmed by Paul Hollingsworth.  Listen to “The Woman,” our Song Pick of the Day, and watch the video here;

Connect with Ellur and add “The Woman” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and YouTube:

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